SandStream Can Help Your Business

SandStream combines proprietary technology with strategic partnerships to provide businesses cutting edge marketing solutions. Our team’s expertise is derived from years of experience of driving efforts to create, establish and grow marketing strategies.

Each team member has held leadership roles in highly efficient and effective marketing teams (fixed a couple too). We’ve directed lead generation, email, SEM and creative programs across ecommerce, data-centric, travel, automotive and CPG organizations.

We are passionate about helping your business market smarter with a customized and successful digital marketing program.

We’re a Marketing Partner, not a Middleman

We do not outsource or resell campaigns like some other companies and agencies – however we do provide services to them! We take a vested interest in providing businesses successful marketing programs resulting in an ROI to be happy about. This uncluttered approach saves time, money and confusion or headaches for our clients.

Consider us an extension of your team or your marketing department! We can collaborate with you and your team or facilitate your marketing needs with our resources.

Select a category below to learn why SandStream is a good choice for a variety of marketing needs.

We provide sales organizations a turnkey solution for expanding their product offerings without incurring significant development, software or personnel costs. This expanded product offering allows sales organizations to leverage existing relationships in the industry resulting in incremental revenue. This is accomplished by supplementing their cold-calling efforts with real-time marketing solutions.

We generate prequalified conversion ready leads based on targeting specifications unique to each client. Our brands are designed to engage consumers and members to return and not a ‘one and done’ interaction. Building a relationship with consumers benefits the clients and overall data integrity. This results in clients being able to close the significant shortfalls in budget needs versus the leads available for transactions.

We provide consumers value and incentives based on the digital media channel. This may consist of access to an online product or service, client promotions and coupons or an opportunity to win a prize in exchange for time spent providing responses. Additionally, SandStream gives consumers a high degree of transparency about how and when their information is being utilized. SandStream seeks to further improve the consumer’s experience by providing the most relevant possible content during their initial and subsequent visits.

SandStream provides its marketing partners the opportunity to monetize traffic via a more effective CPA or CPM basis than many other digital advertising methods. We provide our partners that have obtained permission to market to their lists a lucrative way to monetize their data while providing their members a relevant experience.

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